Top 10 Best Beyblade Metal Fusion 2022 Reviews

Beyblade Metal Fusion is created as a revival for the dormant series. If you are beyblade fan then you may remember back around in 2001, 2002 and 2003 when franchise’s made an original appearance in America, and just like the Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and as well as Bakugan properties, it was also able to find similar amount of mainstream success because of an unusual pairing between an anime series and a popular toy.

This duo worked, for a while. But the main reason why Beyblade went dormant, though, is because beyblade eventually ran out of promised momentum leaving behind only spinning tops. Also as there is only so much that can be done with just spinning tops.

This is the centralized idea here, as the two opposing Beybladers have a face off against one another, where they get to stare each other down with an intense amount of emotion, and then by pulling small sized plastic ripcords to drift off the equivalent of the two personalized dreidels into the battle field.

The tops then spin as well as bounce around, trying to knock into each other while being inside the confines of an arena that is bowl-shaped about one foot in diameter, where eventually one of the spinning beyblades stops motion first. That is it. But the tops of the beyblade carry some major business in the world of the Beyblades, so there is an amazing amount of adventure that is just wrapped around this commendable but limited concept.


This time around, Gingka is the name of the wide-eyed, wild-haired anime hero, and he has entered himself as well as along with his Storm Pegasus Beyblade into the mysterious and puzzling Nosferatu Boy Beyblading Tournament. The tournament is obscure because, strangely, those beybladers who will lose their matches will happen to find themselves oddly drained out of energy and they will be unable to get up from the ground.

Gingka is fuming with anger by the thought of someone violating the sanctity as well as the safety of his favorite sport, and then ends up taking off on a quest in order to find the evil responsible for causing this chaos and also to bring him to justice.The game shows the players a map on the screen as well as gives them an option of moving to the next battle by tweaking their Beyblade’s settings.

Each round of the game begins with a rapid touch-screen event where the players can place their stylus on their Beyblade’s ripcord, and then they try to yank the ripcord as fast as possible as well as, as far as possible with the best possible timing. If the player succeeds, then they get a small boost as they head to the beginning of their match.

The battle itself, then, plays out as the players watch their top gyrate around the bowl arena followed by slamming into their opponent’s top. It is more interactive than playing with the two tops may be in the real world, as the players can influence the action somewhat by the act of drawing lines to change their top’s direction or by tapping on to the screen to make their top jump, or as well as by triggering special abilities that can temporarily enhance the rating of their attack, defense, or stamina along with flashy effects. The player can also build up a Spirit Meter followed by ultimately unleashing an over-the-top summoning cut scene.

Season 1: Metal Fusion

The series showcases Gingka Hagane, which is a talented blader who is shown traveling all around Japan in order to get stronger so that he can defeat the Dark Nebula, which is an evil organization who is responsible for the death of Gingka’s father, Ryo Hagane. Gingka also aims to find the forbidden bey, Lightning L-Drago, which has supposedly been stolen by the Dark Nebula in order to use its powers so that the Dark Nebula can fulfill their wicked ambitions.

Along with his beyblade, Storm Pegasus, Gingka has to face as well as defeat many enemies. Gingka’s other greatest rival is Kyoya Tategami, who is previously known as the leader of a bad blader group, called the Face Hunters. Kyoya’s aim is to defeat Gingka. Gingka is that blader who believes that within every blader there is a blader’s spirit.

The Dark Nebula team up with a blader named Ryuga, and gives him the L-Drago. He then travels around the world, defeating as well as recruiting the beyblades of the other bladers. Gingka tries to battle with Ryuga many times but he is always defeated. His friends are also defeated, that includes Kyoya. There is also a tournament happening that the Dark Nebula has organized secretly called the Battle Bladers, and Gingka wishes to battle Ryuga in the final match.

Gingka wins the match along with help from his friends as well as with the support from his previous enemies. In the end as Gingka arrives, the ceiling also starts to collapse, and with that a broken piece breaks Phoenix’s mask, revealing that Phoenix is Ryo, who is infact Gingka’s father. Ryo then explains to Gingka how the Storm Pegasus as well as the Lightning L-Drago came into existence.

After this the final battle takes place and Ryuga seems to be taking advantage of all his powers against Gingka. When, gingka learns from his father that no one had been able to control L-Drago more than Ryuga.  And how the Lightning L-Drago is responsible for Ryuga’s misbehavior. After learning this Gingka realizes that he has to save Ryuga as well as free him of the dark powers that are held in the Lightning L-Drago. He uses a special move, Galaxy Nova, and defeats L-Drago.

Season 2: Metal Masters

It is also known as Metal Fight Explosive Beyblade in Japan. It is the second two of the Metal Fusion. In this season after the sacrifice of Storm Pegasus in order to defeat Ryuga along with the Lightning L-Drago, Gingka gets to know from a rock that contains Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F about the legendary bey.

First the Galaxy Pegasus has a battle with a new bey called the Ray Striker as well as its owner, Masamune Kadoya. Along with Madoka, Masamune, Yu, Tsubasa, and Gingka, together they conclude a team that is called the Gan Gan Galaxy in order to participate in the latest Beyblade World Tournament.

On the way to the tournament they have to battle with the Team Garcias, Team Wang Hu Zhong, Team Lovushka, Team Excalibur, Team Desert Blaze, Team Chandora, Team Wild Fang and Team Starbreaker.

The matches are difficult in the beginning, and they get harder as the world tournament progresses. Without any awareness, Dr. Ziggurat a scientist attempts in order to find the power through which he can differentiate the Beys to collect their data for the purpose of experiments which he calls the Arrangements.

These devices are meant to enhance a Blader’s skills in the Beyblade. But Gingka realizes that it is not safe to do so. Therefore, Gingka along with his friends tries to stop Dr. Ziggurat as well as his Spiral Force. Gingka along with Masamune battles together with a beyblade named Twisted Tempo. Ryuga helps Gingka and Masamune.  Finally, they then successfully stop the spiral force.

Season 3: Metal Fury

It is also known in as Metal Fight Beyblade 4D in Japan. It is the third season of the Metal Fusion. In this season, Gingka along with his friends is seen taking a break from their newest triumph over the Faust and the Spiral Core. They find themselves rescuing a boy with a name of Yuki from a curious boy Johannes.

Yuki, however is a genius boy as well as an astronomer, he is also a Blader that owns Anubius. As per Yuki, his mission is to tell Gingka as well as the friends of gingka that the voice of the Star Fragment must not fall into the evil hands. He saw the Star Fragment falling from the sky one day. That single light dwell within the Anubius and Yuki says that he also heard the voice of the Star Fragment that same evening.

Yuki thinks that a great evil is trying to bring back the Black Sun as well as the Nemesis, the Greek goddess of Revenge, by taking help from the unknown powers of the Star Fragment in order to destroy the world.  In order to stop the end of the world, gingka and his friends must find the ten legendary bladders.

In order to stop Nemesis from bringing to life some of the bladers who will support the black sun as well as some of the bladers who will oppose it. The Gingka along with his friends will bring together all the all legendary bladers from all the four seasons. Then they will together stop the reviving of the nemesis to use the power of star fragment in order to destroy the world.

All the legendary bladers will come together and fight the new blade nemesis, but the power of the nemesis is incredible even for all the legendary bladders together. The nemesis power increases every second and the legendary bladers escape from it to a safe place. In the end, Gingka through the power of every legendary blader in the entire world ends the God of Destruction through a new special move, the Super Cosmic Nova

Season 4: Shogun Steel

It is also known in Japan as the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero- G. it is the fourth season of the Metal Saga. In this season seven years have passed since the end of the God of Destruction at the hands of a marvelous Blader. In this season a new era of the Beyblade has started, bringing the two new Bladers with it.

When Zyro Kurogane saw the last battle with the God of Destruction, somehow a fire started to burn within him in order to push forward towards a new future. Zyro kurogane’s beyblade, Samurai Ifrit, was presented to him by the Gingka. While in his hometown Zyro is the champion, he still wishes to test himself. He searches out there for tougher opponents, as he heads to the hometown of Gingka.

When Zyro arrives there, he then soon discovers that Gingka has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. After learning of this news, Zyro meets with Shinobu Hiryuin, Ren Kurenai, and as well as the Unabara brothers. He also gets to know about the Syncrome, which is the fusion of the two beyblades.

Top 10 Best Beyblade Metal Fusion

1.     Metal Master Fusion Storm Pegasus/Flame Libra/Earth Eagle/ Lightning L-Drago with 4D Launcher Grip Gyro top Flight Set

This is from a third party manufacturer and not from the Takara Tomy or Hasbro. The package includes four spinning tops, one power launcher, one launcher grip as well as one normal launcher with winder. It makes a nice gift for kids considering its popularity among children of all the ages.

2.     CLeternal Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight 4D Launcher Grip Set, White

This beyblade comes with four spinning tops, one power launcher and one normal launcher. It is created by third party manufacturer and it is also a very popular toy for children of all ages.

3.     Bay Battling Tops Metal Fusion Battling Legends Gyro Metal Fusion BB-88 Meteo L-Drago LW105LF Spin Top Spinning Tops And Bey Ruler String Launcher And Launcher Grip Black) Gift Toys for Children

This beyblade is designed for attack and it is powered by beyblade. It is made with a flat performance tip which increases the surface area as well as provides amazing gripping power.

4.     Takara Tomy BD145DS Beyblades Japanese Metal Fusion Battle Top Starter

It is manufactured by Takara Tomy with light launcher two instruction in Japanese.

5.     Uiiq Toys Battle Burst Set Spinning Top 4D Metal Fusion Gyros Toy with 4D Launcher Stater Grip and Stadium Battle Set – 17 Pcs

This package includes four burst gyros, two launcher grip, one random arena and four stickers. It is a perfect toy for kids of all ages. It can make a great floor game and can be easily played with family or friends.

6.     JKrotry Metal Master Fusion Big Bang Pegasus/LDrago Destroy/Fang Leone/ Hell Kerbecs with 4D Launcher Grip Gyro Top Set

The package includes four spinning tops, one power launcher, one launcher grip as well as one normal launcher with winder. This is from a third party manufacturer and not from the Takara Tomy or Hasbro. It makes a great gift for kids as it is very popular among children of all the ages.

7.     CLeternal Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight 4D Launcher Grip Set, White

Cleternal is a third party manufacturer. The package includes four spinning tops made out of either plastic or metal along with a power launcher and a normal launcher with a winder.

8.     Beyblades #BB104 Japanese Metal Fusion 145WD Basalt Horogium Battle Top Starter Set

It imported from Japan. The package includes a bey launcher. It is very popular among children of all ages and they can collect all the beys to battles them all together.

9.     Poveyan Metal Master Fusion Storm Pegasus/Flame Libra/Earth Eagle/ Lightning L-Drago with 4D Launcher Grip Gyro Top Set

This is from a third-party manufacturer and not from Takara Tomy or Hasbro. The Beyblade package includes four swivel caps, one power launcher, one launcher grip, and one normal launcher with furler.

10.  Crush Battling Blades Game Tops Metal Fusion Starter Set Launchers and Arena Included

It is made using high-quality plastic. The colors as well as the caps are also engineered randomly for good performance. This is manufactured by Crush and not by Takara Tomy or Hasbro.  The package includes a front bolt, a power ring, a fusion wheel, a spin track as well as performance nose pieces and it also comes with a pull rope launcher along with a mounting tool.


Comparison with the Original Series

  • The Beyblade Metal Fusion consists of an entirely new set of characters along with a new storyline which is also similar to the former work. In Metal Fusion the creators have taken the use of constellation that is based on motifs.
  • This creation is different from the previous work as that only consisted of team battles whereas this game features individual battles mostly. Moreover, for the original series, Japan was the primary setting.
  • Beyblades in the English dub are currently referred to as “Beys” and not “Blades”, followed by Beyblades anime series Japanese version Bakuten Shoot.
  • The spirits that are present in the Beyblades are called an avatar which goes to burst as well, while in the Original Series they were called Bit-Beasts.

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